Meet the friendly staff at AVMC!

  • John Rozenbaum, DVM
    Dr. Rozenbaum graduated from Michigan State University's College of Veterinary Medicine in 1990 with a strong interest in orthopedic and soft tissue surgery as well as diagnostic ultrasound. Dr. Rozenbaum has attended numerous continuing education seminars. Some of his specialties include fracture repair, surgery of the stifle joint, and abdominal ultrasound.
  • Sarah Jones, DVM

    Dr. Jones is our second veterinary who loves seeing dogs, cats, and small animals.

  • Michelle Eriksen
    Practice Manager

    Michelle  started working for AVMC in February, where she also manages two other hospitals.  She started out working for rescue facilities, volunteering, and fostering dogs since 2011 before she came here.  She worked closely with Villalobos Rescue Center in New Orleans, Louisiana.  She now has two dogs from that facility, and three from local Michigan shelters.  Their names are Maverick the border collie, Charlee the terrier, Rocket the terrier, Goose the border collie, and Harley the border collie.  Michelle started out working in customer service/sales management in 2006, before realizing she wanted to work alongside animals.

  • Amber Wolf
    Office Manager/Vet Tech

    Amber started her career at AVMC in September 2015.  But before joining our team, she worked in animal rescue for 8 years, and still continue to help.  Amber is currently certified in Fear Free Practice, CPR for dogs, cats, and humans.  At home she has 3 rescue dogs, Dozer, Mack, and Dig Dug.  She also has two kids that she enjoys traveling to Colorado with.  She looks forward to continuing her journey with AVMC, and helping our clients and caring for their pets.  

  • Ashley Lore
    Veterinary Technician

    Ashley has been employed here since June 2020 as a Vet tech and runs all Social media and built our website.  Ashley is currently in school at Penn Foster to get her Vet Tech degree before heading to Arizona to go to Veterinary School at the College of Veterinary Medicine.  She is also certified in CPR for Dogs and Cats, as well as certified in Fear Free Practice.  At home, she has a Black Lab named Nova and an American Bully named Miggy.  she adopted two guinea pigs named Zina and Poppy, and currently fostering a Rabbit named Radar.  Ashley is an avid runner and weight lifter in her spare time.

  • Jody Mark
    Veterinary Technician

    Jody started working at AVMC in 2020 as a Vet Tech.  She currently has an associate's degree in criminology.  She also has a cat named Nola May.  Before working at AVMC, she worked at a dog daycare and worked with dogs for 5 years.  She didn’t realize she wanted to work with animals while in school, but now has the passion to become a Vet Tech.

  • Mikala Kieling

    Mikala earned her Sports Management Bachelor's degree in 2018 and is now working on her Master's Degree at EMU.  Mikala started working for AVMC in 2020 while working on her masters.  Mikala has two Huskies named Bailey and Kara and 3 cats named Sasha, Sadie, and Skitters.  Mikala loves Huskies and will pet any husky when they walk through the door.  Every other year she and her dad love going to the Women’s Final Four Basketball Tournament.

  • Lily Covert
    Kennel Attendant

    Lily is currently attending School Craft College where she hopes to transfer to MSU to study Veterinary Medicine.  She has been an employee here at AVMC since 2020 to gain experience in a veterinary field before going to Vet school.  At home, she has a border collie named Sammy and 1 cat named Pumpkin.  Lily has also figure skated for 14 years.

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