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Advanced Veterinary Medical Center wants to see more cats, more often!

( Farmington Hills , MI )  — There are over 82 million pet cats in the U.S. , compared with 72 million dogs. Cats are the most popular house pet. Yet studies show cats visit the veterinarian less frequently than dogs .

This may be related to some common myths about cat health, such as:

The truth is, cats need regular veterinary care, including annual exams and vaccinations, just like dogs do. And because they are naturally adept at hiding signs of illness, annual exams are especially important for early diagnosis of health problems.

That’s why Advanced Veterinary Medical Center is participating in the “Have we seen your cat lately? ™” national awareness campaign and taking steps to raise awareness about the importance of regular veterinary care for cats.

You don’t have to be a veterinarian to know that cats are very different than dogs. But the reality is that most veterinary practices, when looked at from a pet’s perspective, are designed with dogs in mind. This makes sense when considering that most practices see so many more dogs than cats. But if our goal is to have more cats get the care they deserve, we need to start thinking about our practice from a cat’s perspective. This is where the Cat Friendly Practice Criteria come in- In order to apply for the program, a practice must meet several criteria in each of ten different areas:

  • Staff Training & Continuing Education / Client Communications
  • Veterinary Practice / Waiting Room
  • Feline Handling & Interaction with Clients
  • Examination Room & Clinical Records
  • Wards Facilities
  • Pain Management / Operating Room & Anesthesia
  • Surgical Equipment & Dentistry
  • Diagnostic Imaging & Laboratory Facilities
  • Treatment / Health & Safety
  • and Preventative Care by Life Stages.

Advanced Veterinary Medical Center encourages all cat owners to call their veterinarians this week to schedule wellness exams for their cats.

The nationwide “Have we seen your cat lately?” awareness program is sponsored by Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc.